SALE! (B2075) Glazed Brick, B23 Seaport Green

SALE! (B2075) Glazed Brick, B23 Seaport Green

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Oops! We made too much of this lovely handmade Red Rock tile. Lucky for you, we’re selling these 1st quality beauties at a discounted price to make room in our warehouse. These handmade in Nashville, Tennessee tiles are ready to be shipped to your door today!

  • Item #: B2075 Glazed Brick (2.25”x7.5”)

  • Glaze: B23 Seaport Green (Glossy, V3)

  • This tile batch contains: 8.25 Sq. Ft. (8 pc/sq ft)

  • Amount: 66 Pieces

  • Regular Price $18.90 sq. ft

  • SALE PRICE $13.23 sq. ft

  • Quantity of tile batch can not be divided, sold as one unit

  • 1st Quality

  • Red Rock Factory Overages

  • Overstock Discount

  • Ready to be shipped!

  • Final Sale, No Returns

  • On the fence? Call us today and order a sample!

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